New Year, New Goals

I am not a fan of New Year’s Eve, like at all. I had countless misfires in younger years to have the perfect night that ended in drama or trauma. Now, I stay in, fill my family with snacks and games and crash of the couch well before the ball even drops.

Not surprising I don’t do resolutions either. No mistakes were made in the past year. You don’t need to change any of that or become something you are not. Everything was done so I can be the person I need to be this year and the next. I like to focus on goals. Those have plans, steps and tasks that can be taken to accomplish them. This brings progress and a sense of accomplishment when they are done which means you keep going!

So I sat down this week and figured out my goals for the year in my personal life and for my maker business, Hook & Ewe. Some are small goals. They can be accomplished on a daily or weekly basis. Others are larger and will take time over the next few months or even the whole year, but there are steps in between to get me to that goal’s finish line. Check them out below!

Personal Goals

  1. Cook more, eat better. This goal is to bring our house back to a state of normal. We have moved several times in the past two years (more on that later) and that resulted in take out most nights. My waistline is feeling that change so it is now time to get back to normal and back to cooking!
  2. Go to church each week. Easier said than done with how busy we keep our lives these days. Now whatever you choose to believe in is just fine with me. This is me and going to church helps me to be a kinder person. It is my reset for the week and an example for my children. I have been fortunate enough to have found communities that have chosen acceptance and love over politics and money. We are better together than apart.
  3. Organize and decorate our house. This also goes back to our multiple moves. We are FINALLY not going anywhere. Let’s get this house in order and more like home this year.
  4. Run the Flying Pig 3-Way. Okay so I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a marathon race here called the Flying Pig. I have ran the half a couple years in a row along with a few other races. A 3-way is a 5K and 10K one day and then the half marathon the next day. It is a HUGE accomplishment for me and will fall in line with my other goals. My running and exercise has fallen aside the past year or so. Let’s do this “thang”.

Business Goals

  1. Grow Instagram to >1000 followers. Wow. I am not going to lie I do not like writing this one down. I want it…BAD, but I know it will be working really hard and being consistent all year and even then it may not happen. I absolutely love Instagram over Facebook though. I feel it is more of a community and personal.
  2. Participate in a new market. Guys, I am a big introvert (as most makers can be). Markets are our bread and butter, but they can be really draining and stressful for an introvert. I do not participate is a lot of markets during the season, but the ones that I have paid off. I hope to participate in a few old ones and at least one new one this year.
  3. Publish my pattern designs. Through this blog I would like to be able to publish six patterns this year. That’s right! They will be FREE on this blog with a PDF option available for a few bucks on Etsy (or something.) I actually do have more than six designs. It is time to share them with you all!
  4. Start a blog. Can I check this one off already!? In all seriousness, I would like to be able to post once a week and keep my site and content fresh all year.
  5. Complete at least three personal projects. How long is your project list? As a maker, those personal lists can get pretty long. We tend not to make much for ourselves, especially during crazy market season. I am setting some time aside this year to complete some of those projects. I cannot wait to share them with you right here on this blog!

Wow! That felt really good to write those down. What do you think? What are goals for the year? I would love to read them below in the comments!

Cheers to a new year and getting “stuff” done!

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