How to Attach Your Poms

Did you ever play with Barbies as a child? I remember one time my sister and I played “salon”. We washed their hair and then proceeded to dry it. See where I am going? It was a failed experiment and a lesson learned: NEVER try to dry doll hair. It frizzles up and it ruined for life.

This lesson, to surprise or not, resurfaced in my adulthood. One Christmas I gifted her and my niece matching Piper slouches with faux fur pom-poms. They were adorable! But just like jeans they can tend to stretch with wear and sometimes need a good wash. In they went and after the dryer the same effect took place as in childhood…faux pom RUINED.

Piper Slouch

Now, in her defense I did not call out this consideration when I gifted them to her. Also there was honestly no way to remove the pom easily prior to washing the hat. Prior to this incident I firmly tied my poms onto hats with string/yarn and several knots.

So this past market season I sought out a change to my pom attachment. I found some makers were sewing snaps onto their poms and hats. This would definitely resolve my issue with removing the pom prior to washing, but it appeared time consuming. Also if could prove difficult for the customer to reattach or sew back on it either end came off. Then one day I was shopping for handmade poms and found the maker was selling paracord locks

Paracord locks, needle and handmade faux fur pom-pom.

Where to Find Poms

There are some wonderful makers out there today! Their poms are are gorgeous and usually come already strung which takes out a step of attaching the pom. Here are some of my favorite makers:

You can purchase individual or sometimes bulk orders from these makers. I usually order a mixture of 5″ and 6″. I use the 5″ for my lighter weight hats. The 6″ poms are great for the bulkier hats.

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck. I have use these faux fur poms in a pinch. They have a loop already sewn into the pom for easy stringing. There are other options on Amazon:

Attaching Your Pom

  1. If you purchased from another maker, most likely there is already a few strings attached. If not, take a strand or two of yarn and string it through an existing loop or sew through the pom.
  2. Take each string and pull through the stitches of the each side of the hat at the top. If the stitches are tight or close together you can use a needle. These wool needles are my favorite.
  3. Pull the strings all the way through, placing your pom where you desire on the hat.
  4. Turn the hat upside down and insert the strings through the paracord lock, pushing down the lock to open it up.
  5. Adjust the tension of the lock and move the lock to the top of the hat, securing the pom.

This new change was very well received during market season! I try to stick to acrylic yarn with my inventory which allows for minimal wear-and-tear and the ability to wash and dry the item. Customers were thrilled that they did not have to hand wash their item, just remove the pom and reattach after it was clean. It also allows them to buy additional pom either from me or other makers and completely change the look of their hat!

Freya Beanie with faux fur pom-pom and paracord locks to attach with ease.

These are fairly inexpensive and can easily be found in bulk on Amazon!

I hope you enjoyed my maker tips and tricks!

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