Makers tend to take on more than a single person could ever do. On top of creating goals (resolutions) for the coming year, many makers also create a list of projects they would like to complete and create a collage called #makenine<year>.

So here is my #makenine2019!

From left to right; top to bottom:

  1. Velvet Ribbed Blanket by Mama in a Stitch
  2. Zip Code Pillow by TLBPatterns
  3. C2C Herringbone Blanket by 
  4. Coffee Pillow by JMS Handmade
  5. Snood by WAK
  6. Hygge Cocoon Cardigan by Moogly
  7. Cable Loop Blanket by Yarnspirations
  8. Krysten Beanie by WAK
  9. Cozy Pullover by Yarnspirations

The Year of Growth

If I could describe my project list in one word it would be, GROWTH. Each of these projects represents an aspect of me as a maker that I would like to expand or perfect.

This year I am going to tackle learning to knit. I have been terrified for years to pick up two needles. This past year I have admired so many knit projects that I am now determined to figure it out! Plus I LOVE hearing those needles click together. Weird I know!

If you have shopped our inventory before you will see one obvious item missing…blankets. I now have three on my list for this year that are very different. While one is using velvet yarn which I am familiar with, the other two use techniques I have not used before: corner-to-corner crochet and looped yarn (not crochet or knit!). I am going to have to dig deep for the patience to complete this projects within the year. I like the short game, the quick win. I guess it is time for the marathon!

These blankets will add to our home decor as well of the two graph pillows. HOw cute is the coffee pillow!? The zip code pillow is a little near and dear to my heart with out moves this year. I promise I will write a post soon to share. Again this is a new technique for me that may lead to some cool items in the shop or even a pattern or two from Hook & Ewe!

Finally I have two garments for myself on my list. I have made garments before, but never for myself. Hoping this will help me overcome my insecurity about making something that fits!

Follow My Progress

I hope this inspires you to make something out of your comfort-zone this year and grow with me! As I complete each item on my list I am going to share it on here! Make sure to subscribe to the blog to get notified and post below what you have planned to make this new year!

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