PATTERN: Freya Beanie

Do you ever buy yarn without a project? I do ALL THE TIME. I fully believe collecting yarn is its own hobby in and of itself. This was the case when Redheart released their Hygge yarn! Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word meaning:

This yarn is exactly that! It is a size 5 bulky weight yarn that has a short fur end. It is so soft! It is acrylic so it can be washed and dried and it comes in 20 colors! I purchased several skeins on Cloud, Powder and Pearl before I even knew what I was going to make.

The I decided to design my first pattern as Hook & Ewe. That was when I knew THIS was the yarn!

Overcoming Your Fear

As a maker early on there were some stitches I would shy away from. They were a little too awkward at the time and I just didn’t appreciate their design. Those would post stitches! Eventually through the help of Youtube and some amazing bloggers, I mastered them and beautiful ribbing and cables were achieved! It seemed only fitting that my first pattern release would featured them and why not a whole beanie!?

Designing and releasing a pattern can be intimidating. It personally made me feel very vulnerable and self-conscious as a maker. What if no one likes it? What if I miss one of the steps? But as a maker we truly love our craft and to be able to share with others in anyway possible. Let’s take a deep breath and here we go!

The Pattern

This pattern can be found here in our shop. It is worked from the bottom-up with a ribbed brim. You will need the following materials:

Get a list of where I purchase my poms and how to attach them here: How to Attach Your Poms

I love to see finished items from other makers! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @hookeweboutique and use the hashtag #freyabeanie so I can see your beautiful work!!

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